About Us

We are a courier and logistics business with over 20 years of experience in the shipping industry. It is our passion to provide you with the best services at affordable prices.

Dmac Express Logistics understands that you want your freedom, and we offer you just that. From the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world you can shop online from your favourite stores and know that your packages will be delivered safely and on time.

Dmac Express offers you the true sense of door-to-door service so that you can spend your busy time worrying about something else.

Types of Shipments we offer:
barrels, packages, small & large boxes, pallets

Our Services

Air and Sea Freight

Shop and ship your packages via air and sea and experience fast delivery.


From the comfort of your home, you can track your package (s).

No Credit Card?

Our cards are available for you to make purchases at a small fee of 3% of your purchase cost.

How it Works?

Step 1
Sign Up

Visit our website and sign up for free to receive your Dmac Express account and personalized US mailing address.

Step 2
Shop Online

Visit your favourite online stores, shop, and send your packages to your personalized US address. Send your family and friends your US address so that they can send packages to you.

Always ensure to include your assigned personalized account number when making your online purchases.

Step 3
Ship and Track Package

Once your cargo is delivered to your US mailing address, you will be notified via email. You can also track your package by signing into your account. You will be required to upload your invoice for ease of clearance when cargo reaches Jamaica.

Step 4
Ready for Pick Up / Delivery

Once your Package(s) are cleared, you will receive a notification that your package is ready for pickup / delivery.

Our Rates

Weight (lbs) Cost
1lb $1000
2lbs $1300
3lbs $1600
4lbs $1900
5lbs $2200
6lbs $2500
7lbs $2800
8lbs $3100
9lbs $3400
10lbs $3700

11+ up add $400 per additional pound

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a Dmac Express account?

Our sign-up process is free, fast, and easy. Click Here

What if I don’t have a Credit Card, Visa Debit Card or Mastercard?

No problem, we can help you. We offer credit card services. We will assist you in placing your online orders and ship it to your personalized US address. We charge 3% of the total value of your intended purchase. (Conditions Apply)

What size packages can I ship with Dmac Express?

Packages of any size can be shipped with us. We offer both Air and Sea freight. We also have a specialized service in handling barrels, pallets, D and E containers.

My package was delivered but I do not see it in my account.

Packages are updated in batches and by the end of day each day.

My package appeared to be opened when I received it, why is this?

All packages coming through Jamaica Customs are opened and inspected by a customs officer to verify that the invoice matches the contents of the package. The packages are then resealed using cello tape.

Why do I have to provide Dmac Express with the invoices for my packages?

Dmac Express Logistics must declare to Jamaica customs the contents and the value of each package entering the country through our service. If invoices are not provided, this will result in delays at customs and there is the possibility that the customs officer inspecting the shipment will assign a higher value to your package.

How much will I pay to get my package?

Click here to see our rate sheet. Please note that packages valuing $50 US or more may attract customs duty and/or GCT.

Why was I charged Customs Duty?

Packages exceeding $50usd are subject to customs duty fees and taxes.

How will I know my charges or balance?

You will be notified via email, or you can login to your account and view your balance.

What items are restricted?

Toy Guns, Pepper Spray, Weapons (including Swords, Guns, Ammunition), Radar Detectors, Unprocessed Meat, Live Animals, Firecrackers, Explosives, Lighters and Matches, Camouflage, Cash. Go to www.jacustoms.gov.jm for the complete list.

How will I know when my package has arrived / ready?

You will receive a notification when your package(s) are ready. You can also login to your account and check the status of each order.